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Save Our School!

Watch the announcement of the Line 2 property (click above!)
Monday April 12th, 2010. On the first day of the OMB hearings the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake dropped their opposition to the Line 2 property. This means that the DSBN can proceed with the land acquisition and start to construct a new elementary school for the children of Virgil and Col. John Butler!
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June 9, 2010   New School Ground Breaking!
May 11, 2010   DSBN Trustee Meeting
Apr 13. 2010   DSBN Trustee Meeting
Feb 1, 2010   NOTL Town Council
Jan 26, 2010   DSBN Trustee Meeting
Dec 14, 2009   NOTL Town Council
Oct 27, 2009   DSBN Delegations
Oct 13, 2009   DSBN Delegations
Jul 20, 2009   Town Council Speakers
Jun 22, 2009   DSBN Delegations/Discussions
Jun 9, 2009   DSBN Delegations/Discussions
May 26, 2009   No Video
May 12, 2009   DSBN Delegations/Discussions
Apr 28, 2009   DSBN Delegations/Discussions
Apr 14, 2009   DSBN Delegations/Discussions
Mar 10, 2009   DSBN Delegations/Discussions
Feb 10th, 2009   DSBN Delegations
Jan 13th, 2009   DSBN Delegations
Dec 9th, 2008   DSBN Delegations
Nov 25th, 2008   DSBN Delegations
Nov 18th, 2008   Presentations to Joan Green (ARC Process Review) Facilitator
Nov 11th, 2008   DSBN Delegations
Delegations to the DSBN on the ARC Review (Complete list including those below)
ARC related Public Delegations are now over
June 17th, 2008   DSBN Meeting and Decision
June 10th, 2008   DSBN Meeting - No decision
May 26th, 2008   25 presentations made by Friends of NDSS and Save Our Schools
May 13th, 2008   8 presentations made
April 22nd, 2008   9 presentations made
April 8th, 2008   4 presentations made

Mega School is D-E-A-D! New Virgil/Col. John Butler school is to be build where it should be, within the Virgil Community - the Line 2 site.

Parliament Oak Parent Council states the facts about its survey information.

NDSS is scheduled to close at the end of the 2009-2010 school year. There are efforts underway to attempt to keep the school open.

A new addition will be build on the St. Davids property to accommodate the students from Laura Secord and Parliament Oak is to be renovated.

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For the 1000's of people who are unable to attend the DSBN meetings on the ARC Review, SOS will be posting videos of the deputations., but only those speakers who give us permission to do so.  We will not post videos of those who do not want their deputations made available to the public.

Click here to read what the board has said about recording delegations at the DSBN.

We are faced with the imminent possibility of our local community schools being closed or being reconfigured to the detriment of our children's education. We believe in local community education for all ages.

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If you favour local community education you are not alone. Check out the research. Educational experts, and the Ontario Education Ministry agree that locally based education achieves the best results.

There are many possible solutions to community schooling issue. Express your opinion in the Community Forum.

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